Fashionably Yours has a network of fashion professionals at their fingertips for all your wardrobe needs.


Need to get Red Carpet ready for that special event, wedding or date? Fashionably Yours will help you find the perfect dress for any event and find a dress perfect for your body type. We specialize in party dresses all year around, casual or elegant, wild or sexy.


We also offer an amazing in-home service, free to our special consignors where we will visit your home for a complete closet overhaul. Our style consultants will visit your closets, bring the wardrobe bags, hangers and boxes for shoes, bags and accessories. We clean out your closets and fill your pockets!


We will visit your homes, go through your closets and help you purge the keepers, the money makers, and the giveaways!


Not only will FY help you make money, we will then help you spend it wisely also. Our style consultants are connected in the fashion industry, in the know of the latest trends and have great relationships with many amazing retailers in Toronto. Over the years, FY has researched the best bargains high and low to ensure you get the right pieces for your new wardrobe and for the best value.


Fashionably Yours offers a unique service to anyone in need of a full image makeover. FY professionals have over 10 years of experience producing high fashion editorials, fashion shows, music videos and have worked with a slew of celebrities in Music and Fashion. FY has an amazing  Glam Squad, consisting of the best stylists, makeup artists, hair stylists in the business and even photographers if you want to do a full blown photo shoot with your new look.

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