Voted #1 Consignment Store in Toronto by Blog TO!

Posted by DL on June 30, 2011

Best Consignment Store in Toronto!

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  1. Alexandria Says:

    I am so glad that I came across your store during a visit to Queen Street with a bunch of girlfriends. I told my Mom about the store and the timing couldn’t have been so perfect. She has been dealing with a consignment store in Etobicoke for the last 20 year, and lately she hasn’t been too happy with the results. Then tend to deal with low to mid range price points. Her “designer ” items were either purchased by the employees. or turned away because their buyers would not pay top dollars for used merchandise (they don’t know the difference between Old Navy and Holt Renfrew) Demin jeans sold for $25.00 with an original price of $395.00 My Mom and some friends are planning a day trip to your store. Hope to see you soon.

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